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Example Input

Example: Convert this article about AI Safety

Example Output

1/7: OpenAI is dedicated to ensuring the safety and broad benefits of powerful AI. We rigorously test and engage with external experts to improve our models' behavior and build safety and monitoring systems at all levels. #AISafety #OpenAI

2/7: Learning from real-world use is crucial in creating increasingly safe AI systems over time. We cautiously and gradually release new AI systems with substantial safeguards in place to a broadening group of people and make continuous improvements based on lessons learned. #AIUse #AIProgress

3/7: Protecting children is a critical focus of our safety efforts. We require people to be 18 or older (or 13 with parental approval) to use our AI tools and do not allow our technology to generate hateful, harassing, violent, or adult content. #ChildProtection #AIRegulations

4/7: We respect privacy and use data to make our models more helpful for people. We work to remove personal information from our training dataset where feasible, fine-tune models to reject requests for personal information, and respond to requests to delete personal information. #Privacy #DataUse

5/7: Improving factual accuracy is a significant focus for OpenAI. We leverage user feedback to improve the factual accuracy of our models and strive to be transparent about the current limitations of these AI tools. #FactualAccuracy #UserFeedback

6/7: Continued research and engagement are essential for addressing AI safety issues. We dedicate more time and resources to researching effective mitigations and alignment techniques, testing them against real-world abuse, and fostering collaboration and open dialogue among stakeholders. #Research #Engagement

7/7: policymakers and AI providers must ensure global governance of AI development and deployment to prevent cutting corners. This daunting challenge requires both technical and institutional innovation, but we are eager to contribute to creating a safe AI ecosystem. #AIGovernance #SafeAI