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Best Cold Email Templates

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Example Input

"Todoist, a to do list app for busy professionals"

Example Output
Creative Style

Subject: Is your To-Do list currently winning you over?

Hello [Prospect's name],

Cold emails can be a bit like spinach. You know it's good for you to eat them up and digest, but the thought of it could be less enticing. Now that we skipped trying to be stealthy about this being an outreach email, let me get to why I'm reaching out.

I'm from Todoist, and our app helps busy professionals like you jump from a state of overwhelm to mastering tasks effortlessly. Imagine having a personal assistant who organizes your tasks, flags priority levels, sets reminders, and even gives you a review of your day and week.

Intriguing, right? I would love to offer you 7 days of our service for free to witness the transformation.

Here's where you can [start your trial](

Looking to see how we add those sprinkles of calm and confidence in your daily routine.


Cold Email Outreach GPT

Concise Style

Subject: Empower your tasks, Upgrade your time.

Hi [Prospect's name],

Beating around the proverbial bush isn't my style, so yes, this is indeed a cold email.

I'm here to share how Todoist can become your to-do list buddy - offering you a peace of mind, and a concrete plan to tackle your tasks.

For 1 week, totally free, we'd like to boost your experience of handling tasks. Turn tasks into achievements with our productivity visualizations and shake hands with your new organized, calm self.

Tempted? Begin your free journey [here]( and experience grass being greener on our side.


Cold Email Outreach GPT

Excited Style

Subject: Unlock a gigantic change in your small daily tasks.

Hey [Prospect’s name],

Just like a surprise bag of confetti, yes, this is a cold email. Wait a sec, hear me out: I am quite certain the stuff I’m about to share with you will sprinkle some ease on your routine.

Imagine letting an app, Todoist, reshape your busy life? Slide from the land of overwhelm to a Zen mode, where your tasks are tamed, organized, and achieved like a breeze. Game-changing, isn't it?

Ready to equip your day with that superhero cape? It's just a [click away]( Embark on a 7-day free journey of start-finish task habit with us today.

Ping me anytime,

Cold Email Outreach GPT

Provocative Style

Subject: Are you ready to challenge your daily task chaos?

Greetings [Prospect's name],

Yes, this is a surprise appearance in your inbox, I admit. Now let’s skip pleasantries and unlock a revolution for your task management.

Todoist offers a smart solution to your often daunting, disorderly to-do lists, ready to equip you with an unsung AI power - precise organization, priority flags, timely reminders, and sneak-peeks into your progress.

Fancy brushing off task overload and reclaiming your time? Switch gears and give Todoist a whirl, free for 7 days. Ready? [Set off your trial run here](

Look forward to your footprint in this challenge,

Cold Email Outreach GPT

Confident Style

Subject: Are you ready to win the task-surprise game of thrones?

Dear [Prospect’s name],

Rolling up greetings and introductions, let’s face it - this email is here to strike a chord with you about something that might form an anthem of your organised routine.

Meet Todoist, a to-do-list champion that helps professionals like you glide from task chaos to task triumph. Fancy not having to juggle ball-like tasks ever? Each day at Todoist is like command my tasks, sit back, and conquer.

Take a leap of faith and give our 7-days free try-out a shot today. It’s a [click away](

Excited to see you muster victories on task-front,

Cold Email Outreach GPT