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Example Input

Example: "How would you improve this product description?"

Example Output
Original Description:

"We've reimagined an icon of Air with bursts of high-energy colors and layered leather overlays to bring you skillfully crafted luxury. Plus, plush ankle padding mixes with tried-and-true Air cushioning for comfort you have to feel to believe. With a design that's playful, sporty and oh-so comfortable, the Nike Air Max 90 Futura is all about stepping into the future. Are you ready?"

Rewritten Description:

Experience the perfect combination of luxury and style with our reimagined Nike Air Max 90 Futura shoes. Featuring bursts of high-energy colors and layered leather overlays, our skilled craftsmanship ensures a premium construction. The shoe also includes plush ankle padding and tried-and-true Air cushioning to provide unmatched comfort. The playful, sporty design is perfect for stepping into the future with confidence. Are you ready to elevate your style?