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Tactics to Grow Your Email List

Accelerating the growth of your email list every week is powerful. This prompt will provide you with five creative tactics to achieve that growth.


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Example Input

"Airtable, a low-code platform to build next‒gen apps."

Example Output

Based on the detail you've provided about your audience, your product, and your current email list size, I've drafted five unique and creative tactics for growing your email list.

1. Domains of Interest Co-Marketing Webinars:

As your audience comprises startups and marketers who highly value trends and growth tactics, establish collaborative relationships with businesses within domains which interest your customers - Marketing, Product, Operations, Finance and Human Resources. Co-host special webinars on a single tool that can manage and accelerate processes within these domains uniquely. Rather than asking for a signup fee, ask participants to join your email list. A great idea would be: “Product Roadmap Tactics: Shape and align your product plan with [Company’s Name]"

2. AI Workflow Transformation Ideas eBook Release:

Freshly apply the "eBook" tactic here. Within the eBook, outline new ways Airtable's AI functionality empowers businesses to automate and streamline workflows in an innovative way. Use compelling subject lines like "Unlock The Power Of AI For Streamlined Operations with our Free eBook". Require audience interested in the eBook to provide their email details to download the book.

3. Free Auditing: Showcase Power of Airtable

Offer startups and marketers a free audit of their existing workflows and provide recommendations on how they can achiever higher productivity and better integration with Airtable’s platform. Encourage them to take advantage of your offer by simply providing their email addresses.

4. Establish A Workflow Champions Online Forum:

Champion user interaction through a private online forum or online mastermind groups for Airtable customers. A forum that allows customers to share stories, ask questions, and swap ideas related to workflows. To get access to this forum, the users have to enter their Email where they can get exclusive link or an invitation to join the forum.

5. Competitions for Best Custom Workflow Implementation:

Engage user interest and collect emails by hosting a competition with a valuable prize. For example, “Submit your unique custom workflow implementation and stand a chance to win ‘Airtable annual Pro plan’”. Prompt users who want to participate to sign up for your email list.

Users will be engaged, provide their emails, and have a unique interaction with Airtable itself, increasing the chance they'll turn to your product when they need an intuitive, no-code solution for building apps.