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Example Input

Example: Opening to a play about tragic love

Example Output

The curtain rises ever so slowly on what promises to be a tale most sorrowful. There, standing centre-stage, is a young maiden with eyes of the deepest blue, they seem to sparkle like a star-filled sky. Her hair is like spun gold, cascading down her back in gentle waves. As she speaks, the audience becomes enraptured by the lyrical quality of her voice, it's as though she were singing.

"My love," she begins, "my heart aches for thee." The words, though simple, ring out in the hearts and minds of all those assembled there. They can feel the heavy weight of her unrequited love, it's as though they share in her sorrow.

Suddenly, from the shadows, a figure appears; a tall handsome man with hair as black as the darkest night. His eyes burn with an intensity that takes the breath away. He moves toward her with a grace that is almost otherworldly.

"My dearest," he whispers, his voice like honey, "never should you feel alone." The audience collectively gasps as they realize that the two figures before them are the very embodiment of love, and yet somehow, one can sense that their tale is to be one of woe.

As they embrace, they seem to become one, their bodies moving in a dance that is as old as time itself. It is as though they are trying to slow down the clock, to make the moment last forever. The audience can feel their anguish, the love that they share is both beautiful and tragic.