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Define Your Marketing Funnel

Dive deep into crafting a dynamic marketing funnel with the AARRR framework, tailored to make your unique product stand out, attract, and thrive in any market.


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Example Input

"The Meditation Bench from Walden"

Example Output


1. Collaborate with Influential Wellness Bloggers

- Reach out to influential wellness bloggers who share the same audience as you. Offer them an opportunity to review/write about your meditation bench. This could be referred to as a guest post, featuring their meditation experiences using your bench.

- Impact score: 8/10

2. Create YouTube Video Content

- Create YouTube videos on the topics of mental wellbeing and meditation featuring your bench. Ensure to optimize each video with relevant keywords and a captivating thumbnail to increase its chances of being discovered.

- Impact score: 7/10

3. LinkedIn Organic Posts

- Share engaging posts about your product on LinkedIn focusing on its uniqueness, benefits, and how it affects mental wellbeing. LinkedIn tends to have a wealthier demographic which aligns well with your target audience.

- Impact score: 7/10


1. Visual Emails with Storytelling

- Craft a visually appealing email with compelling storytelling about how the bench positively impacts meditation practice and wellbeing. This message should outline its design features and benefits and include powerful testimonials for a realistic first-hand experience.

- Impact score: 8/10

2. Augmented Reality Feature

- Implement an AR feature on your website that allows potential customers to visualize the bench in their space. Demonstrating how the bench could fit into their lifestyle could inspire them to purchase.

- Impact score: 9/10

3. Live Webinars or Classes

- Invite potential customers to live webinars or classes themed around meditation practices, where the participants can see how the bench is used and the value it offers.

-Impact score: 7/10


1. Limited Time Offers

- Limited time offers can create a sense of urgency and increase the conversion rate. Try offering free shipping or a personalized gift with the meditation bench for a short period.

- Impact score: 9/10

2. Bundling Commodities

- Try bundling the meditation bench with other related products (like the meditation mat) offering a small but noticeable discount that only applies when the customer buys the bundle.

- Impact score: 8/10

3. Connection with a Social Cause

- If you promise to dedicate a small part of each sale you make to a social cause related to mental wellbeing, potential customers will be more likely to support your brand. This will also deepen your connection with your buyers.

-Impact score: 8/10


1. Surprise and Delight

- Slip a small, free surprise into your customers' orders – a keychain, a poster with calming artwork, or a small sample of a new product. This will add extra delight to their unpacking experience.

-Impact score: 9/10

2. Personalized Check-in Emails

- About a month after their purchase, send a check-in email asking how they're enjoying the bench and providing tips for better usage.

-Impact score: 8/10

3. Reward Referrals

- Encourage customers to keep coming back by offering them discounts or small rewards whenever they refer a friend who makes a purchase.

- Impact score: 7/10


1. User-Generated Content

- Encourage customers to share pictures/videos of them using the meditation bench on Social media for a chance to be featured on your page or get a discount on their next purchase.

- Impact score: 8/10

2. Partner with Colour/accessory manufacturers

- Create affiliate partnerships with companies that manufacture complementary accessories to your benches. They get to promote your benches to their clientele and you do same to yours.

- Impact score: 7/10

3. Sponsored Posts

- Encourage customers to publish sponsored posts on Instagram which showcases them using the meditation bench. As compensation, offer them discount codes for future purchases, credits or rebate points.

- Impact score: 7/10