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Example Input

"Neurogum energy & focus gum"

Example Output

Struggling with your 3pm fatigue? Supercharge your day with Neurogum Energy & Focus Gum.


  • Crafted with natural caffeine (40mg) offering a perfect energy lift.

  • Blended with amino-acid L-theanine (60mg) to neutralize negative caffeine effects.

  • Packed with B6 and B12 vitamins at 41% and 100% of your daily value respectively for wellness.


  • Smooth, balanced energy boosts helping you leap into your productive zone.

  • Corporate calm with stimulation, managing stress and finally saying goodbye to coffee jitters.

  • The key B vitamins create mood boosting hormones and provide energy, helping you cope with rigorous role demands.

Emotional Connect

Thrive in your bustling everyday world as Neurogum helps you traverse from weary mornings to demanding afternoons, it's your deserving cheat code to a daily energy crisis.

Call to Action

Click 'Add to Cart' now! Join the brilliance of Neurogum Energy & Focus Gum to concentrate on your tasks, not your fatigue.

Option 2

Imagine if tranquility and mental clarity came wrapped in a mint! Enter Neurogum Clarity & Calm Mints.


  • Designed with GABA & vitamin D3 neuro-boosters to balance your mood.

  • Enriched with the power of L-theanine to reduce stress.

  • Gluten-free, sugar-free, aspartame-free and vegan for health-conscious customers.


  • The combination of GABA and D3 help resist stress and boost mental clarity.

  • By reducing stress with L-theanine enjoy your moments without mental fog.

  • Also with health attributes that won’t impact your wellness or waistline.

Emotional Connect

Adopt the bustling city ambiance where tranquility seems a luxury. Wield the best of cognitive clarity with the sweet burst of Neurogum Calm & Clarity mints.

Call to Action

So, why wait? Embrace your calm and grab your Neurogum Calm & Clarity Mints now!