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Example Input

"Jaja Blanco Tequila"

Example Output
Step 1

Target Audience

The primary target audience for JAJA Blanco Tequila includes adults, generally 25-45-year-old, living in the states where the product is available. Predominantly, socially active individuals who enjoy premium liquor products during gatherings, parties, or casual dinners at home. They could be professionals with medium to high income, enjoying exotic beverages with a particular interest in different kinds of tequila. Lastly, they appreciate award-winning products and tangible quality, and have buying habits that lean towards environmentally friendly and socially-concerned brands.

Keywords: Premium, Socially conscious, Award-winning, Exotic, Quality, Gathering, Parties, Casual, Dinner, Home, Sustainable, Tequila, Adult beverage.

Imagery: High-quality pictures of the product, visuals from social gatherings/parties, recipes for cocktails involving JAJA Tequila.

Step 2

Pain Points and Desires

Customers are looking for a tequila that is smooth, high-quality, and could be a conversation piece at a social gathering. They may have a hard time finding a tequila that sets itself apart in a crowded market. Health-conscious customers may also struggle to find a product that aligns with their dietary choices, such as vegan-friendly options.

Step 3

Buyer Personas

a. Party Planner Pete (35 years old, Event Manager): Loves to host parties and ensures that his guests always have the best cocktails available. JAJA Blanco can be pitched as the perfect party mixer for his cocktails to keep his parties lively.

b. Vegan Vanessa (32 years old, Vegan Blogger): Actively searches for vegan-friendly spirits. She loves sharing new finds with her followers. JAJA Blanco, being vegan-friendly and OK Kosher-certified, can be promoted to Vegan Vanessa as her new preferred tequila.

c. Tequila Tom (40 years old, High-end Restaurant Owner): Tequila Tom loves serving exclusive and premium tequilas at his bar. JAJA's award-winning profile and its added value as a sustainable GMO and gluten-free tequila is alluring to him.

Step 4

SWOT Analysis


- Artisanal and high-quality tequila with several awards to validate its designation

- Vegan-friendly, GMOs and gluten-free, adding appeal to health-conscious consumers

- Offers unique cocktails recipes, enhancing consumer engagement

- Free shipping option with code available


- Limited availability geographically (only specific states in the USA)

- High competition in the alcoholic beverages market

- Website could be more interactive and engaging: it lacks compelling visuals and content detail


- Growth for premium tequila market and adoption amongst young adults

- Reinforce online campaigns due to growing trends in e-commerce

- Market environmental awareness aspect of the product in this eco-conscious era


- Economic downturn affecting premium spirits purchases

- POSSIBLE legal changes against online alcohol selling

- Fluctuating agave prices

Step 5

Brand Identity

JAJA Blanco is a high-quality and premium tequila brand that takes a lighter and more relaxed approach to life. Its spirit reflects the contemporary culture of enjoying every moment, gathering, and cocktail. JAJA represents itself through succinct, appealing narratives and product imagery.

Step 6

7Ps of Marketing

- Product: Premium, small-batch Blanco tequila

- Price: High-End Price for an award-winning, quality product

- Place: Online web store, Specifically available to named US states

- Promotion: Free shipping codes, brand story, and cocktail recipes

- People: Target audience, fun and socially aware individuals

- Process: Easy check-out process, clear shipping information

- Physical Evidence: Captivating and chic bottle design, appealing label

Step 7

Unique Selling Propositions

1. JAJA Blanco is no ordinary tequila; it's an award-winning, high-quality spirit that invigorates social gatherings and events with its smooth, exotic taste.

2. As a vegan-friendly, GMO and gluten-free tequila, JAJA Blanco's stands at the zenith of socially conscious choices for spirit connoisseurs.

3. JAJA Blanco offers free shipping and the opportunity to enjoy world-class mixology right at home with its cocktail recipes -- an unprecedented combination in the world of premium spirits.

Step 8

AIDA Sales Copy

A(Attention): Add exotic sophistication to your social evenings - Let us introduce JAJA Blanco, your curated concoction for memorable moments.

I(Interest): Premium, vegan-friendly, and regulated by OK Kosher, this small-batch Blanco boasts subtle notes of cooked agave, green apple, and hints of vanilla.

D(Desire): Bridle your mixology skills with our cocktail recipes and pique curiosities at your next gathering with award-winning spirits.

A(Action): Craft your unforgettable evening [Shop JAJA Blanco Now and Enjoy Free Shipping >](#).

Step 9

Keyword Analysis

Based on the limited information provided, specific keywords analysis could not be completed. However, the product/service name "JAJA Blanco Tequila" was found optimally suited for SEO.

Step 10

SEO Optimized keywords

1. JAJA Blanco Tequila

2. Premium Blanco Tequila

3. Small-batch blanco tequila

4. Vegan-friendly Tequila

5. Award-winning Blanco

6. Cocktail mixer Tequila

7. GMO gluten-free tequila

8. JAJA Tequila online

9. Buy Tequila online

10. Best Tequila for Parties

Step 11


As you pour the JAJA Blanco into the shallow glass, the aroma rises, whispering alluring tales of sun-baked Agave Azul. Your hands craft the Pica Rita with JAJA Blanco, a splash of triple sec, habanero bitters, tandem lemon, and lime juice. As the ice crackles, the distinct aroma of the fresh cocktail fills the air, green apples...vanilla. Heads turn, murmurs ripple across the room - 'That's a head-turner. What cocktail is that?' And there you have them, the perfect icebreaker, the engaging narrative, and above all, a cocktail whose story resonates with genuine quality. Help pitch your gatherings to a new class with JAJA Blanco. [Buy JAJA. Blend JAJA. Love JAJA.](#). Be renewed!