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Google Ads Audience Generator

Highly tailored audience groups for Google Ads campaigns, leveraging detailed demographic, interest, and behavior criteria to enhance ad targeting precision and effectiveness.


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Example Input

"VanMoof A5 E-Bike"

Example Output

Here are the proposed audience groups for your Google Ads campaign promoting the VanMoof A5 e-Bike:

1. Commuter Cyclists

- Demographic Characteristics: Age 25-45, similar ratio of male and female, urban locations with bike-friendly infrastructure, primary languages English, German, Japanese, Dutch, Swedish, French; upper-middle income levels.

- Interests: Cycling, urban commuting, sustainability, fitness and health, tech gadgets.

- Behaviors: Regular online engagement with cycling blogs or forums, having purchased cycling gear or cycling tech in the past; frequent map/re-routing searches for biking options.

- Exclusions: Users with interests primarily in car commuting, low frequently of physical activity online behavior.

2. Eco-conscious Urbanites

- Demographic Characteristics: Age 22-50, both genders, live in urban centers, primarily in developed countries as listed on the website; middle to high income levels.

- Interests: Eco-conscious lifestyle, sustainable travel, smart city living, advanced technology.

- Behaviors: Regular engagements with green initiatives, endorsing eco-friendly brands, online purchases of organic or earth-friendly goods/services.

- Exclusions: Users who've shown interests in high-emission vehicles, and those with low engagement with eco-friendly/sustainable lifestyle trends.

3. Fitness Enthusiasts

- Demographic Characteristics: Age 20-50, both genders, live in cities, and town in primarily listed countries; middle-high income.

- Interests: Fitness, outdoor activities, cycling, health-conscious eating and living.

- Behaviors: Subscription to fitness apps or platforms, purchase of sports gear/clothing; searches related to health and fitness regimen, engagement with fitness influencers.

- Exclusions: Sedentary lifestyle indicators, fast food online purchases.

4. Parent Cyclists

- Demographic Characteristics: Age 25-50, genders that identify as parents, languages English, Dutch, German, French, primary locations listed on site; middle-high income levels.

- Interests: Cycling, family outdoor activities, child-friendly recreational options, health and fitness.

- Behaviors: Purchase of family-focused services/products, searches for children's bike seats, family-oriented vacation or outing, online safety gear purchase for children.

- Exclusions: Single or non-parent demographics, users browsing adult-only vacation or entertainment options.

5. Tech Savvy Professionals

- Demographic Characteristics: Age 25-45, both genders, primarily urban locations in developed countries listed on the site; high income levels or working in the tech industry.

- Interests: Technology and innovation, high-quality electronic appliances, programming, gadget testing.

- Behaviors: Regular subscription to tech review magazines/websites, content sharing about recent tech and gizmos, online purchases of high-end technological devices, frequent tech meetups or trade shows.

- Exclusions: Users who engage largely with analog technology or outdated systems, low social media engagement.