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Example Input

"Migrating the design team to framer"

Example Output
Subject: Migrating to Framer

I am excited to announce that our team will be migrating to Framer, an interactive prototyping platform that aims to make designing intuitive and collaborative. After evaluating a range of different software applications our team has determined that Framer is the best fit for our design and prototyping needs.

Framer's ease of use and intuitive interface will allow us to create prototypes quickly and iterate on them with ease. Additionally, Framer's focus on collaboration and teamwork will enable us to work more effectively together as a team.

To ensure a successful transition to Framer, we would like to establish an action plan with clear steps and timelines:

1. Training: The department will be trained on Framer starting from next week.

2. Project Selection: Choose two pilot projects that the team will work on in Framer.

3. Prototyping: The team will create prototypes for the two pilot projects.

4. Feedback: Gather feedback from the team regarding Framer and identify any challenges.

5. Issue fixing: Address any challenges that may be identified before continuing with full migration.

6. Full Migration: Once the two pilot projects have been completed and the core team feels confident with the application, we will fully migrate to Framer.

Our aim is to ensure that all team members are comfortable using Framer and able to produce high-quality prototypes that meet our clients' needs successfully.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this migration, please do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to implementing Framer into our design and prototyping workflow.

Best regards,

[Your name]