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Example Input

"Carry on suitcase from my brand Away"

Example Output
Campaign 1

"Travel Queen Dreaming"

Concept Overview

This campaign connects with the desires of the target demographic to travel and control their own experiences. It encourages their audience to share their dream destination while promoting suitable Away suitcase products for those destinations.

Mechanics and Execution

Using their affiliate link, participants will select an Away suitcase model and share a blog post or social media post about their dream destination and why they believe that particular suitcase model will be perfect for it.

Participants will be encouraged to tag Away on social media and use unique hashtag (#TravelQueenDreaming) and affiliate link, allowing easier tracking of engagement and purchases secured through the campaign.

Promotional Channels

This campaign will focus primarily on Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook where detailed visuals of travel destinations and products can be displayed.

Engagement Strategies

The campaign encourages active participation through the creation of blog posts or social media posts. For users who actively respond and engage, they'll be awarded with incentives such as discounts off their next purchase.

Expected Impact

With self-expression as a driving force, this campaign has potential to generate high levels of user-generated content, increasing brand reach and potentially translating to higher affiliate revenues.

Campaign 2

"Travel-Fit Challenge"

Concept Overview

The campaign encourages product adoption via creativity, presenting the Away suitcase models as a solution to overpacking – a common challenge faced by travelers.

Mechanics and Execution

Affiliates will share a speed-packing video featuring an Away suitcase model, emphasizing its various packing solutions. Subsequently, they will challenge their followers to better their packing times in the "Travel-Fit Challenge". Participants will share their videos using a unique challenge hashtag (#TravelFitChallenge)

An affiliate link for purchasing the suitcases ought to be present in all challenge descriptors, posts and bio’s associated with the challenge.

Promotional Channels

This campaign would work best on video-friendly platforms, such as TikTok or Instagram (Reel/IGTV), video sections on Facebook, and YouTube for more elaborate demonstrations.

Engagement Strategies

Incentives would be employed to incentivize active user participation in the challenge, such as discount codes or free customization options for those who post their challenges videos as well as drawing inspiration from the most creative packings.

Expected Impact

The challenge gives room for virality, potentially leading to increased brand exposure and affiliate revenues due to its combinative promotional and entertaining elements.


Both campaigns leverage the power of self-expression and community engagement to drive affiliate sales. Key strengths lie in their incorporation of user-generated content which allows the target audience to have "real-life" interaction with the products, potentially increasing trust in the product and chances for conversion rates. A potential risk is user engagement volume. Little engagement could lessen campaign effectiveness. However, incentivization mitigates this risk. It could also aid in maintaining long-term engagement.