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| Primary Products/Services | Notion is a project management software that provides a connected workspace for teams to manage wikis, documents, and projects in one place. Notion offers a suite of tools, including wikis, docs, and project management capabilities, all accessible from a single platform. Teams can customize the way they view and organize information with drag and drop functionality, visualizations, and custom labels. Notion also offers various templates for common use cases like company wikis, product roadmaps, meeting notes, and habit trackers.|

| Target Market | Notion is used by millions every day, primarily by teams of all sizes from next-generation startups to established enterprises. Notion is versatile and can be used by any team in any industry looking to centralize their knowledge, improve communication, and manage projects efficiently. |

| Unique Selling Propositions | Notion's unique selling proposition is its ability to consolidate tools, cut costs and provide a single platform for all kinds of work. It offers customizable building blocks that allow teams to visualize, filter, and sort any way they desire. Notion can be as minimal or as powerful as a team needs it to be. Notion also offers a vibrant community and various templates to help teams get started easily. |

| Key Strategies for Growth | Notion's key strategy for growth is to continue expanding its product capabilities by adding more features to its platform, improving user experience, and offering more customizable templates. It also aims to expand its market reach by targeting more industries and businesses of all sizes globally. Notion's always-on support network helps attract and retain users while creating a sense of community, which is vital for growth. |

Notable features of Notion include its customizable building blocks, which allow users to create a workspace that fits their needs. Notion also offers various templates and a vibrant community of users who produce content, teach courses, and lead events globally. Notion has established partnerships with other SaaS tools, such as Zapier and Google Drive, to further streamline the workflow for its users. Notable achievements for Notion include raising $50 million in a Series B funding round in 2019 and being named one of the fastest-growing productivity apps in 2020.