Curated prompts to elevate your marketing

Define Your Marketing Funnel

Dive deep into crafting a dynamic marketing funnel with the AARRR framework, tailored to make your unique product stand out, attract, and thrive in any market.

Find The Perfect Platform

Building an audience where your perfect customer isn't is counter productive. Apply this prompt to steer your audience development in the proper direction.

Roast My Content

Editing your own marketing material can be a challenge; personal bias makes it difficult to remain impartial. This prompt will do it for you.

Email Marketing GPT

Ask anything email marketing, get expert suggestions from email marketing platforms, to segmenting audiences, crafting compelling subject lines and email copy.

Product Page to Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Transform your affiliate marketing approach with innovative ideas for content creation, social media promotions, and email outreach.

Copy Using SLAP Framework

Step up your copywriting game and create optimized sales copy that boosts your conversion rates using the SLAP framework.

Engaging Email Newsletter

With just a topic & audience, generate high-quality email newsletters that engages your audience.

Fully SEO Optimized Blog Post including FAQ's

SEO optimized title, meta description, headings with proper H1-H6 tags, article with FAQ's, SEO-meta description and conclusion.

Persuasive Bullet Points Generator

Create persuasive bullet points that will catch your audience's attention and help you clearly communicate your message.

Unique Value Proposition Generator

Craft a punchy and distinctive list of five key benefits that set your product apart from competitors in 10-15 words each.

Marketing Campaign Ideas List

Specific and targeted marketing campaign suggestions that will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Landing Page Generator

Craft attention-grabbing headlines, engaging body text, and persuasive calls to action to effectively communicate the benefit and goal of your product or service.

Twitter Viral Hook Generator

Craft compelling tweet hooks to make your content go viral by analyzing the key factors that make popular Twitter posts succeed.

Enticing Product Descriptions

Craft a captivating product narrative that highlights the best features, benefits, and unique selling points. Optimized for search engines, informative, and compelling enough to persuade potential customers to buy.

SEO Supertool

Generate 50 longtail & commercial intent keywords, plus keyword clusters. Includes 20 industry-specific technical terms.

Audience Targeted Storytelling

Leverage the power of storytelling by painting a vivid picture of your target audience's need for your product.

Instagram Post & Hashtags

Maximize your Instagram presence with engaging content ideas and well-crafted captions that capture your target audience's attention.

Cold Outreach Email Generator

Craft the perfect cold outreach email that captures attention and increase response rates.

Ultimate Attention Grabbing Headlines

Generate 50 captivating headlines that utilize effective language and writing techniques to captivate readers and pique their interest.

Empathy Driven Cold Email

Craft a persuasive B2B cold email with a focus on capturing the attention of decision-makers.

Expertise Emphasis Cold Email

Craft a compelling cold email that builds trust and credibility with your potential clients.

Urgency/Exclusivity Cold Email

Increase your email response rates by using urgency and exclusivity to stand out in a crowded inbox.

Facebook Ad Headlines

Craft the perfect Facebook Ad Headlines that grab attention and increase click-through rates.

Facebook Ad Descriptions

Maximize the impact of your Facebook ads with compelling descriptions that resonate with your audience and encourage them to take action.

Full Marketing Campaign Strategy

Transform your marketing efforts with a complete roadmap for success. Covers all the essentials, including SWOT analysis, SMART goals, copywriting, and content creation.

Facebook Audience Generator

Suggestions for custom audiences that are more likely to engage with your content and purchase your products.

Ultimate Facebook Ads Copy Bundle

Transform your Facebook Ads into conversion magnets with the help of copywriting experts.

Instagram Story Ideas

Creative and engaging ideas for Instagram stories to help increase your reach, engage with your audience and grow your following.

YouTube Ad Script Writer

Develop unique ad concepts that will differentiate your brand from the competition and drive customer acquisition and retention.

MidJourney v5.1

All-in-one tool to convert your ideas into breathtaking, original and detailed prompts that you can use in Midjourney.

MidJourney v5 Unfair

Transform ordinary text instructions into vivid and compelling prompts to bring your Midjourney visuals to life.

LinkedIn Post In My Style

Craft a compelling LinkedIn post in your style. Imitates the structure, writing style, and tone of your posts. Crafted to resonate with the target audience and demonstrate novel ideas in the industry.

Twitter Post In My Style

Engaging Tweets in your own style and voice. Provide a topic and some examples tweets to imitate the structure, writing style, and tone of your posts.

Article Generator

Generate a top-notch and informative article that is well-structured, engaging, and supported by relevant data and quotations from industry experts.

Creative & Marketing Project Brief

Creates a detailed creative brief that follows the best practices by defining SMART business goals, identifying the target audience's demographics, interests, and behavior in detail.

Twitter Growth Plan

Expert guidance on growing Twitter following by providing relevant strategies, hashtags, keywords, and monthly to-do lists.

Food Advertising Photography

Provide a type of food and create stunning food photography creative for your brand.

News Roundup Tweet

Summarize industry news by providing a newsletter or article, formatted with a short title followed by bullet points.

Monthly Blog Content Calendar

Create a customized blog content calendar to help you plan and organize your monthly blog posts.

Buyer Persona Legend

Get important insights on demographics, psychographics, shopping behaviors, and preferences of your target audience.

Product Page to Email Series

Convert information from your product page into a 3 touch email campaign designed to convert your customers.

Roast my Website SEO

Ensure your webpage content meets SEO guidelines and gets a high PQ rating with expert content audit and optimization tips.

Instagram Post Carousel Content

Get inspired by these creative Instagram post carousels that showcase your brand's personality and unique selling points.

Profitable Blog Niches

Get ideas on niche selection, content creation, and marketing strategies to help your blog stand out in a crowded market.

Convert Blog to Email

Repurpose your blog content and turn it into engaging emails that resonates with your audience.

Expert Marketing Bundle

Expert suggestions for your brand including: Target audience, Keywords, Pain points, Personas, Brand identity, Selling points.

Facebook Post Captions

Get 5 catchy and engaging Facebook post captions that will elevate your social media game and boost your online presence.

Funny, Sarcastic Tweet or Thread Reply

Craft hilarious and witty replies to tweets or threads to showcase your humor and sarcasm (or lack thereof).

Ultimate YouTube Video Bundle

Trained on other viral videos to produce high quality written scripts, compelling titles and thumbnail ideas for your next video.

Product Page to Marketing Campaign

Transform your product page into a winning marketing campaign that will generate more leads and sales.